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Interact with our app the same way thousands of people are connecting with our doctors, finding new places of care, pricing their prescriptions or keeping tabs on their insurance plan. Locate a pharmacy or urgent care center to see the magic of more than 100,000 geofences in action. Our smart alerts are designed to remind, educate and contain costs.

Imagine... Just a tap on your phone connects you to a doctor
24/7  who can diagnose, treat and prescribe medications.

Welcome to 21st Century Healthcare!
We just can't make this any easier!

The HealthiestYou app offers:
  • 24/7 access to America's largest telehealth provider network of 2,300 board-certified,licensed and credentialed doctors for free consultations, diagnosis, treatment and prescriptions
  • HealthiestYou "Radar" changes how consumers find In-Network care, saving money for health plans and consumers.  Customized Favorites Circles, Proximity Maps and Spanish Language are the latest enhancements to the APP
  • "Connect Now" - One-touch access for online physician, dental and vision scheduling
  • Procedure-specific price comparisons for anything from an MRI to knee surgery
  • Low price finder for prescriptions that can save up to 85%
  • Crowdsourced ratings and recommendations to help choose a doctor
  • Instant access to primary plan benefits and eligibility
  • Geo-targeted reminders and alternative treatment options to help consumers make smart choices
  • "Social media-style" tools, natural language and provider reviews which mimic familiar shopping sites
  • Healthiest You's app is also compatible with 56 fitness tracking technology platforms, like FitBit®, Jawbone® and Fuelband, allowing it to seamlessly align with users' fitness goals
The APP is FREE for HealthiestYou Members
Once you are Enrolled as a Member, the APP is available for download for phones
and tablets through iOS App Store and Google Play for iOS or Android devices.

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